What You Need To Know About “Nofollow” Links

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Google is based off of links. It looks at web pages and tries to find how many sites link to these pages and what kind of sites link to them. Together with a whole host of other factors Google decides pagerank. With this in mind some people decided that they could boost their site’s ranking by filling up blog comments with links to their page. It was disastrous for comment sections across the web. Spam was even worse than before. Something had to be done. That’s why the nofollow tool was created back in 2005.

The nofollow tag is entered into HTML code to tell any search engines that the link shouldn’t send value to the linked site. Website owners could use this tag to tell Google that they didn’t necessarily approve of the sites being linked to on their page. That way the authority of the linking site doesn’t transfer to the linked site like it normally would. If you are wonder if a site uses nofollow links or not just open up it’s code and search for “nofollow.”As you can imagine nofollow links are a source of a lot of controversy in the SEO community. Google likes to stay quiet about how its system works so no one is entirely sure how these links affect their ranking. The consensus is that the text used in nofollow links does add a small amount of value, but mostly adds nothing when it comes to Google’s system.

You might wonder why you would ever bother with nofollow links. They seem like they would be a waste. The thing is Google looks for how natural your links look. A completely organic site without any Abu Dhabi web design work will usually have both follow and nofollow links. If your site has zero nofollow links pointing to it then Google will suspect something is amiss. As such a certain number of nofollow links is helpful in the long run.It’s also important to remember that the google algorithm isn’t everything. Getting a nofollow link from an important site will be a boost to your page no matter what Google thinks of that link in particular. After all, people are likely to find your site if it is linked on another popular site. This sort of organic traffic is likely to lead to the sort of links you are looking for. One great example is Wikipedia. All of their links are nofollow but it is still incredibly helpful if you get linked to by them.

When you’re wondering if a link is worth it remember to balance pagerank with traffic. One will make up for missing out on the other.You can get lost in all this talk about statistics and following. The bigger focus has to be on providing value to the people who are coming to your site. In the long run that’s what Google is focused on, not so much the kind of links you have. Still, when you are linkbuilding the emphasis should be on follow links whenever possible. Just remember to get some nofollow links so nothing looks suspicious.